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A platform for communication and reflection on art, science and technology.

House of Thoughts

House of Thoughts is a platform for communication and reflection on art, science and technology. With the aim of boosting cultural exchange between the creative, business and academic sectors and reinforcing the educational and sociocultural aspect of the festival, this section will promote debates, workshops and guided tours. Started in 2020 with the 1st online session, in 2021 we will promote 3 online sessions, a masterclass at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa and several guided tours. Highlight for the online conference on NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), innovative subject, which occupies a prominent place on all platforms. There are many issues to address. What is the value of art in a digital world? NFT and how could art benefit from Blockchain technology? among others.

Session 1, 2020

Bit Street Hong Kong

Online conversation around the work of the artists


Date: 11 September 2020

Time: 10 p.m (HKC); 03 p.m. (LIS); 10 a.m. (NYC)

Speakers: Antonio Cerveira Pinto, Isaac Leung, Chen Pin Tao, Suze Chan, Zhiwam Cheung.

Language: English

Bit Street Hong Kong, Zoom  meeting, 11-08-2020
Session 2, 2021
NFTs take off

Virtual talk with  the artists Kevin McCoy and Robert Alice, moderated by António Cerveira Pinto.

“I’d love to mint something with you” – Tamiko Thiel.

Date: 15 de September 2021

Brussels 16:00
Lisbon and London 15:00 
New York 10:00 
Hong Kong 22:00 

Venue: Zoom

Panel discussion: Berk Özdemir, Kevin McCoy and Robert Alice

Moderator: Antonio Cerveira Pinto – TNAF, Artistic Director

Free admission

NFTs Take Off, Zoom meeting, 15-09-2021

NFTs take off

Is the art world moving into a singular moment?

There is, at least, an ongoing cultural metamorphosis we should address.

What is the degree of transformation imposed on artistic conventions and art in general by digital societies?

Will it ever be possible to protect digital authorship, namely using the paradigm known as Blockchain? If there is, for example, a major electrical storm, or a world war, which entities would guarantee the reliability of computer networks? What if governments take control of cyberspace (as a CCP decided to do in Communist China after Xi Jinping came to power)? Would guaranteeing the authenticity of digital art, on itself, ensure its intrinsic value to artists, collectors, art markets and museums?

Does the Blockchain threaten capitalism? Or, on the contrary, it will eventually overcome yet another bottleneck of value accumulation, caused this time by a resource and demographic crisis, as well as by a general monetization of public and private debts?

In short, how much can we trust the Blockchain? Will they protect authorships and creative work in general, or will it be more of a stimulus for rampant speculation and the construction of new and gigantic Ponzi Pyramids? Is it reasonable to believe in the advent of a desirable, transparent, shared and secure democracy, as well as free access to virtual goods protected by NFTs?

Seven topics on art and blockchains (NFTs)

1) SCARCITY — the need for authorship protection, ownership certification and scarcity management.

What happens to my art (my money) when an NFT company, or platform, goes bankrupt?

2) COMPLEXITY — implies some knowledge-intensive artistic creation process.

Can we expect friendlier platforms to create NFTs? iNFTs? Could new developments in the worlds of cryptography and IA generate their post-human paradigms of artistic creation and reception?

3) BINARY CODE — the latest computational mode for dematerializing the art object, but quantum computing could be just around the corner…

In the 1970’s one spoke about the dematerialization of the artistic object. Now we should also refer to the dematerialization of artists, the public, and markets. It is not sure, however, that the ‘output’ should always be digital. 3D printing, synthetic bio-art (namely through the development of cyber-bodies), hardware and software retro-engineering and bending, geo-art and space art will end, one day, with the screen as the leading standard of digital art. The scientific-technological and philosophical expansion of art may appear to be an essential but limited transformation. It would be a necessary condition (hence the importance of 2021!), but not a sufficient one.

4) METAVERSE — may “intelligent NFTs” (iNFTs) send cryptographic art to an even more radical state in the current cyber revolution, which seems destined to establish new protocols for definition, authorship, authenticity, commerce, usufruct and conservation of works of art?

5) POST-CONTEMPORARY ART — real and digital time, being both of a material nature, are, however, different. In the same way, crypto-art and so-called contemporary art (Romantic and Modern on its roots) are radically apart. Although we can find links between some cryptographic works and the genealogy of “conceptual art” / namely Dada and Situationist, it would perhaps be prudent to accept that this link is somehow fragile. Was there an earthquake or not in the meantime (Neuromancer, Snow Crash)?

6) GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS — will 18th-century art museums be able to adapt to the cyber revolution? And art galleries born in the 19th century, would they be able to overcome the technological crisis? The challenge is only now truly beginning.

7) THE SUBJECTIVE REALM. Do you expect to see in the foreseeable future a crypto Van Gogh?

António Cerveira Pinto
Artistic Director

Session 3, 2021

Imagens aquém e além do humano

Date and Time: 25 de Setembro, 17h

Venue: Carpintarias de São Lázaro
Produção das Carpintarias de São Lázaro, inserted in the programming cycle “Para os olhos mas não só”.

Free admission | Maxium Capacity.: 60 pax

For reservation, please contact:

A talk based on the exhibition “Whispering Mirrors”, moving through the folds of the specular and the speculative, the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the issues surrounding the post-human. With the presence of the artist Rodrigo Gomes, curator David Revés and other guest speakers. 

Session 4, 2021

Under the Pandemic

Talk “Under the Pandemic”, with the artists: Jonas Runa, Kristina Pethukina and Robert Lisek. Moderation by António Cerveira Pinto.

In this conversation, moderated by António Cerveira Pinto, three artists participating in the Pandemia exhibition will share their interests and their creative processes during the period of confinement.

Date e Time: 30 September, 3 pm (Lisboa)

Venue: Zoom

Free admission

Under the Pandemic, Zoom meeting, 30-09-2021
Session 5, 2021

Masterclass "Lecture on Canned Food" by the artist Rodrigo Gomes

Date and schedule: 6 October, 5 pm to 7 pm

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa FBAUL
Grande Auditório da FBAUL

Free admission  | Capacity 100 pax

Video “Lecture on Canned Food”, 06-10-2021

“The diffusion and virtualization of images influence the way we communicate, conserve, remember and define what is real or false. Consequently, reality consists of an archive of false images, in virtuality and fictions that, when consumed by us, change The world is increasingly steeped in images that cross screens. In a world where the diffusion of images is governed by their own consumption, the reality is schizophrenic. We have to take eye drops so that our pupils come to know a reality that through the slightest error reveals itself to be pre-drawn.” 

Rodrigo Gomes