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Capitalist Reparations

, 2019

Website / Decentralized Performance Art

Website / Decentralized Performance Art

Capitalist Reparations​ invites website visitors to mine cryptocurrency on their office computer during working hours as an attempt to generate reparations for the unfair
compensation capitalism provides in exchange for labor. The piece exists as a webpage
and a form of decentralized performance art for those who participate. The worker bears
capitalism’s oppressive weight while corporations and ‘the few’ enjoy the profits.
British economist John Maynard Keynes in his 1930 essay, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, predicted a future met with prosperity and a 3 hour work day that could come following the age of industrialization and using machines to increase wealth and decreasing the need for manual labor. Unfortunately, capitalism is a bitch and labor is not tied to worth. Almost 90 years since Keynes essay, people work ​about the same hours ​on average but with proportionally less pay coupled with a higher cost of living.

Reparations are in order.

One can use the CPU (central processing unit) of their work computer to create cryptocurrency – this is mining.
When mining at work, the electricity and wifi to generate the crypto is at the expense of the employer.

Click ‘start mining’ and the process begins… Simply open the page at work to take part in the piece. The value created will be donated to charitable organizations supporting those most adversely affected by the practice of capitalism, namely women and people of color.

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