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From that Time

Video, 2´20"

Video, 2´20"

The concept of ‘ time ‘ can be perceived as being ‘ unable to keep everything together. ‘but everything can be accomplished simultaneously in the infinite space of the universe.

The whole picture is visible when you look at the part. Part of his work represents
the whole of time and space. These works show how the past and present coexist simultaneously in the past and affect each other through various objects.

Walking on a path here today joining the history of the path. This is indeed the most ordinary and natural, yet most meaningful event for people living in the world. There is no need to deal with the history of land in particular if discontinuity between generations is more important. The path is called meaningful figurative journal because it signifies one looking at the same landscape as the one observed by his or her parents and ancestors.

This is history, and it is also a magnificent event. Tahn’s perspective of time and space is connecting past with present.

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