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, 2020

Online Sound Installation

Online Sound Installation

INFODEMICS is the intentional global propagation of misinformation, including fake news and other secret types of coercion and mass control.

Parallel to the pandemic resulting from the new coronavirus outbreak, we live in an infodemic period, which includes disruptive events such as Brexit or the USA presidential election. In this artwork, the patterns of misinformation are mapped in two dimensions:

1) an online sound installation, in which 64 web radio stations (live streams) from around the globe get progressively “infected” by digital viruses. Radio infections consist of sound transformations following the 3D molecular structure of the new corona virus;

2) a light art piece, echoing the rotoreliefs of Duchamp’s Anemic Cinema, where a neopixel strip rotates in a motorized fan, exploring the optical illusion known as the persistence of vision.

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