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Pleroma hyper-rotoreleifs

, 2020

Experimental digital film 25´

Experimental digital film 25´

“The One is not corporeal and is not incorporeal. The One is not large and is not small. It is impossible to say, “How much is it? What kind is it?” For no one can understand it.”

– The Secret Book of John, Nag Hammadi Library

Experimental film of optical illusions based on the Gnostic concept of Pleroma and the angular movement of two bodies in orbit in the theory of general relativity. Since Pleroma is a notion similar to that of Ein-Sof in which everything is contained, which overlaps with physical and metaphysical duality, it is opposed to the dual problem of geodetic movement between two bodies in orbit. In a dynamic deterministic system these geodesics look like elliptical orbits. But in the curved space they are straight lines in a spatio-temporal continuum in which everything is contained – Pleroma.


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