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SoundCloud Post: Stream

, 2020 (trabalho em curso)

Website-specific work

Website-specific work
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Stream is a website-specific work that explores and exploits how SoundCloud’s interface and functionality influence the music reception.

It consists of over 50 tracks on 10 anonymous profiles which are networked by hashtags, likes and followings. Once a track is played, the auto-play mechanism leads the listener through the piece, while the related tracks or profiles suggest to browse other routes. As such, Stream thematises algorithms, interactivity/-passivity and open form in the context of everyday internet experiences.

Currently comprising 3,5h of sound, the work should grow infinitely in order to proliferate like a virus by progressively infiltrating “real” communities on SoundCloud and dragging unprepared audiences into its own network.

Therefore, the project hopes to become more and more uncontrollably collaborative (11 artists contributed so far), so that it continuously dissolves its identity and enacts its subversive power.

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