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The passion of Edu Fernández

, 2018

Videoart/performance, 7'31''

Videoart/performance, 7'31''

The passion of Edu Fernández is a remake of the 1928 ´s film The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Theodor Dreyer.

The behavior of Juana – interpreted by the legendary actress Maria Falconetti – recalls the symptoms of a psychosis, and illustrates the pathologization of women; likewise , the exploitation and dehumanization of the great autre (th e indigenous, the proletariat, the stranger …). All these phenomena were essential for the development of colonial imperialism and the subsequent industrialization of the West. The Italian philosopher Silvia Federici points to the medieval witch hunt as the first accumulation of premodern capital, and the performer Edu translates this history into the contemporary language of identity policies and social media technologies.

Edu makes the spectator part of an intimate story, constructing an imaginary space where we can question the limits of the ethno – nationalist dogma. Keeping an eye on contemporary (trans) emerging communities , where sex, race or class dissipate , leaving the social body alone with that feeling of uncertainty so characteristic of the end of modernism.

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