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A dolls House Episode I: TIK TOK Doll

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A dolls House Episode I |Video Performance, 24´52"

A dolls House Episode I |Video Performance, 24´52"

Title, Year: “A Doll’s House” Episode I: Tik Tok Doll”, 2019

In the “A Doll’s House” Episode I: Tik Tok Doll”, the new Noras are the “experts” acquiring the skills of shooting short videos for Tik Tok. Through a series of body adjustments and character settings, they have either good appearances or gentle manners, and they look at themselves in filters and make-up special effects, and are looked at by others. With gesture dances and childlike voices, they were like kids who never grow up, and call strangers on the other side of the screen as “Daddy” or “Hubby”. Having clean faces, they act cute and are like pets, such as cats or rabbits. They even make the sound of “Meow”. If you stare at you, you will find they are just the same as “dolls”, Is it a sublimation or degeneration? The aesthetic paradigms produced by the internet in volume at any time are practiced on them. The indistinctive “face blindness” is pursued under the economic effect of “giving a like”, and catches the attention of hundreds of thousands and even millions, making them a photo album of young girls viewed by countless people.

“A Doll’s House” Episode I: Tik Tok Doll will let the audience see how a group of “cute” girls are fostered, how they make themselves, “ideal” images through dress collocations, make-ups, and dance rehearsals. However, when “being cute” is seen everywhere and even becomes “being extremely cute”, will it turn into terror? Will such terror become sublime? Though these new Noras speaks the words of “running away from home”, resolutely, their children voices of not wanting to grow up finally turn it to be sweet and soft twittering.

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