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Together A Part

, 2020


This spring, shortly before Red Rubber Road’s next scheduled rendezvous in rural Spain, the COVID-19 pandemic erupted and their shooting was cancelled.

While they had already been accustomed to editing and post-production over distance, before COVID-19 shooting their portraits remotely was unimaginable. Uncertain of how long their respective country’s quarantines would last, they turned to electronic devices to forge a new way to collaborate. After some trials (and errors) which involved taking self-portraits separately in advance and coordinating the shootings through real-time video calls, a formidable dynamic transpired.

In Together A Part, the artists succeed in merging with one other solely through a screen, thus transforming its narrative: The screen is no longer merely a window to the virtual world, but a concrete object that metabolizes through the display, connecting us, extending us and morphing us in an almost physical way.

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