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Un-becoming Carbon: Traveling in Intercellular Space

, 2019

Interactive VR installation

Interactive VR installation

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Take a ride as a carbon molecule entering into a plants’ intercellular space.

Your journey begins when you enter a room-sized leaf through an inflatable stomatal opening. Inside, you are surrounded by sculptural plant cells that invite you to sit and continue your journey in virtual reality, where you are sequestered into the plant’s body, and emerge as life-giving oxygen.

This interactive installation allows participants to explore the process of carbon sequestration through physical, audio and virtual experiences.

The experience concludes with the opportunity for visitors to adopt and nurture a living plant propagule, which will continue its carbon-binding work in their own home.

Information about how to become a good plant ally is given out, along with plant awareness posters, as souvenirs of intercellular space travel. 

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