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WPG/s – White Page Gallery /s

, 2019-20

Online network and community project

Online network and community project

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The White Page Gallery/s is based on a new form of curatorial practice and culture in which the enjoyment of art is re-imagined thanks to the internet and web pages, and especially by active participation and collaboration by the participants.

The Internet is an important resource: WPG/s, even more in these weeks of social distancing, promotes a series of initiatives with the aim of making the stay at home less boring and ease one’s mind from bad thoughts and pressure, making the best out of the free time in quarantine, working to make art viral and creativity contagious.

The project wishes to affirm that its social practice is integral to its message and contribute by exercising this culture.

The culture of, union and inclusion against the political agendas of -exit, walls and armored borders.

Art can influence society for the best with its practices.

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