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Amy Youngs

1968 (the group is 1 year old),

At the Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, a course takes place each year that is co-taught by a scientist, Iris Meier, and an artist, Amy Youngs. Our approach is to integrate research and co-creation within a classroom setting. With a focus on the relationship between plants and the environment, we set out as a class to investigate the effects of climate change on plants through readings, field trips, guest speakers, and scientific experiments designed by the students. With our shared knowledge set – and based on the skillsets of each person in the group – we conceptualized, designed, built, and exhibited a participatory new media artwork together. The authorship is shared between all participants, which included 12 undergraduate students, 3 graduate students, and 2 faculty.  

Created by:

Ellie Bartlett, Jacklyn Brickman, Ashley Browne, Amanda Buckeye, Diva Colter, Mona Gazala, Youji Han, Saba Hashemi Shahraki, Brice Jordan, Liam Manning, Iris Meier, Brooke Stanley, Lily Thompson, Zachary Upperman, Stephen White, Taylor Woodie, and Amy Youngs. 


Livable Futures, a project of the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme, in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences Technology Services, the Department of Art, and the Department of Molecular Genetics, at the Ohio State University.



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