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André Sier

, Portugal

André Sier works aesthetically with code, electronic, interactive, digital and antique media, where he combines videogames, installations, painting, sculpture, music and computation in objects and experiences of imaginary arts, on which he merges mythology, generative space-time continuums, art&science artifacts, human and non-human interfaces.

Awarded artist at The New Art Fest (2017), three times at Lisbon Maker Faire (2014,15,16), Bienal de Cerveira (2009) and Jovens Criadores (2006).

Over the past 25 years has produced serialized, interactive and fixed media works that ludically unveil spatio-temporal interlinks synthesized mostly on electronic substrates, shown at over 27 individual exhibitions and 100 collective events. Has shown works at the museums MNAC (2017, 2016), Museu de São Roque (2011), MEIAC (2006).

Director of studios, since 2002 educator of electronic arts, presently visiting lecturer at Universidade de Évora, PhD candidate at Planetary Collegium in Plymouth University, has a digital portfolio at and games and codex studio at


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