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Chen Pin Tao 陳品陶

, Sidney, Australia, based in Hong Kong

Tao`s interests focuses on the creations of transcendental, ecstatic, and transgressive realities through fetishistic and magical alchemy.

The invention of worlding devices are means to manipulate real life objects and reality, allowing the qualia of objects to be extracted , mutually exhausted, and elevated beyond representation.

The ontological language and ecological logic within these realities avoid conventional phenomenological grasp, produces semiotic slippage, and reside in the withdrawn potentiality, virtuality and actuality of space, object, imagery, and their concurrent and unplanned synthesis to generate labyrinthine within space-time and within containers, volume, and bodies without organs.

The spatial, volumnetric, objectual, and imagerial dimensions are not merely vessels encapsulating transcendental and entropic qualities, but ontological beings complex enough to seek release from its organization, determine and generate a multiplicity of worlds and manifest enlivenment and energy, in which contains infinite transformative potential within deeply ordered chaos and rebirth across a vast spectrum of scale.


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