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Dilum Coppens

, Belgique

Dilum Coppens attained his BA and MA in Fine Arts at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, where he graduated in 2018. Since then, he has started his professional career as an artist. His work has been shown at Werkstadt Kunst, Berlin; Sint-Lukasgallerie, Brussels; M Museum, Leuven; and Gallery 724, Washington D.C., amongst others.

In his artistic practice, Coppens investigates how meaning is created and how subjective it is. What love or the sun means to one person differs from what it means to the next, and might change one day to the other. By using texts and symbols in his work, together with swirls of expressive paint and pencil, his works seem to allude to some ancient, hidden meaning. By creating connections between the different elements, which are brought together almost exclusively intuitively, the viewer starts to create his or her own meaning or gets lost in the nihilistic existence of the universe.

His work also isn’t limited to painting but stretches over a variety of media including video, sculpture, and drawing. Recently, these separate elements have started to come together in installations which create further meanings between separate works to create a new environment of meaning for the audience.

In 2019, he also co-founded the artist-run exhibition space “K.L.8” in Jette, Belgium, together with his close friend and colleague Sandra Meilunaite.

@ The New Art Fest 2020


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