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Domenico Barra

, International collective

White Page Gallery/s is a decentralized and distributed art network born in June 2019: it is an online network for artistic sharing composed of artists, curators, academies, festivals and cultural operators who host independently on their website and without the aim of profit art projects made and curated by others. Many people have joined the project over the months: each of them has chosen to make available a space, a web page of their website, to show and share the works of other creatives together sharing their time, work, knowledge and professional contacts. There are currently 20 hosts participating in the White Page Gallery/s project and all the galleries can be visited free of charge by anyone with an internet connection. These digital galleries, which differ from each other in the type of art hosted, the exhibition times and the type of exhibitions, are managed independently by the many who have joined the initiative. You can visit pages that host works of glitch art, digital sculptures, web art but also virtual spaces, animations, poetry, music, and performing arts. There are online 21 White Page Gallery/s online that have hosted across one year the works of 90 artists.

@ The New Art Fest 2020


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