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Jiayu Liu 刘佳玉

, Liaoning, China, based in London & Beijing

Jiayu is a media artist based in London & Beijing and she held MA at Royal college of art ( 2012-2014).

Her works have been exploring topics about the natural world because nature always inspires, she with its reflective qualities, which is also natural. She tries to discuss multiple relationships between human and nature, exploring various perspectives held by people to observe nature. Her challenge has always been to provoke behavioural responses and emotional resonance from audiences without revealing any instruction for the artwork is supposed to be a beginning of people’s imagination rather than the end.

Her project and video have been featured internationally (ITN N2K, Inhabitat,thecreatorsproject, VICE, Design Boom, Fubiz, AestheticaMag, Arduino website). She has exhibited internationally in museums and galleries including V&A , K11Art Space, HexiangNing Museum, Today Art Museum, Guanshanyue Museum,Guangzhou Triennial, London Design Festival, Kinetic Art Fair, London Fashion Week. She also has some commercial project for public spaces.


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