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João Frazão

, Portugal

João Frazão, born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1975. Joao has a degree in Computer Science from IST, UTL lisboa.

He enjoys writing computacional poems and building unusuless improbable artifacts. The current series is called NeuroNautilus.

Some of the artifacts where presented in Expand and others in Inercia Demo Party

Since 2013 João Frazão has a position as Collaborative Researcher in Champalimaud Foundation Neuroscience Research. He is also co-developer of the Bonsai as a general rapid prototyping visual language. He is also part of the collective motion lab.

He has won several prizes both alone, like in Inercia Demo Party 2019, and also in collaborations: 2010 Augie Award, best demo (YDreams) Portuguese Multimedia National Prize 2010, in the Art and Culture category with “.txt”; Portuguese Multimedia National Prize 2009, in the Entertainment category with “LivelyDreams”

He worked at the Ydreams Company where he co-developed the YVision platform, an award winning proprietary general purpose software composition framework used in interactive displays, virtual reality, augmented reality, dance plays, and mobile robots. Before Ydreams at IdMind; a high tech robotics startup company, he has leaded the development of several innovative, artistic and commercial projects using robots, Before joining IdMind he worked 4 years as a researcher in robotics (distributed agent systems for teams of robots for playing football and rescue operations) in Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica at Instituto Superior Técnico.

@ The New Art Fest 2020



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