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Lina Dovydenaite

, 1991

Lina Dovydenaite was born in Lithuania in 1991, just after the Soviet Union collapsed.
In 2010 she started studying architecture. During her studies she began to work with interdisciplinary art, mostly land-art.
With an aim to create a spontaneous nature-based art while emphasizing the process.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Vilnius Fine Arts Academy in 2015, with the project “Suicide Crisis Center for people who attempted suicide”.

Her work contains topics of reinvention and experimentation. She looks for references and concepts that are unique and challenging, with the goal to transform them into a building and an environment that works, inspires people, heals people, and creates communities.

After graduating from architecture, she worked and did internships in Vilnius and Bangkok. In 2018 she joined Helen & Hard architects team in Stavanger.
She has studied for a master’s degree in Bergen School of Architecture.

She is moving confidentially in-between the different disciplines of built human environment – architecture, environmental art and participatory community development.

Miss Dovydenaite’s work presents a high level of social responsibility and a wide range of professional skills, working simultaneously on a variety of architectonic scales from 1:1 scale site specific intervention to complex participatory planning and micro-urbanism. Her work is based on a thorough study of the complex local social layers and the role of architect as a community activist and interpreter of a wider collective consciousness.
She is a brave young architectural operator with an additional high standard of social responsibility.

@ The New Art Fest 2020


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