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Melania Olcina

, Spain

MELANIA OLCINA is an interpreter, choreographer and video artist. Bachelor in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid (2009) and Diploma in Contemporary Dance from the Royal Mariemma Professional Conservatory of Madrid (2008).

He obtains different awards and scholarships at the Vienna International Festival “Impulstanz” (2009); Carlos III University of Madrid (2009); XXIII and XXII Certamen coreografico Madrid (2007-8); ADAE International Dance and Performing Arts Festival (2008) and Alcalá de Henares Dance Festival (2005). 

As an interpreter she has worked with Pedro Berdayes and José Reches in the R.C.P.D.M; Teresa Nieto Company; Jesús Rubio Company; Carmen Roche Ballet; Teatro Real and Teatro Zarzuela in Madrid; Sharon Fridman Company and the Antonio Ruz Company. As a choreographer, she performs “Solo Organic” (2008), and “I have the ambition of an Ant” (2015).

As a video artist, she obtains an honorable mention at the 8th International Video Movement Festival 14 (Colombia) with “Woman in the background” (2013); Single International Prize at the 9th International Festival of video dance, Video Movimiento  ́15 (Colombia) with “Galmatopeia” (2015); just released “Homo” (2019).

As a choreography assistant she worked for the IX South American  Olympic Games 2010 directed by Franco Dragone and for the Sharon Fridman Company at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma RESAD (2015); LAMOV Company, Zaragoza (2016); National Ballet of Paraguay (2016); and the National Dance Company, Spain (2016).

As a teacher, she worked in the Youth in Motion Project “Trasdanza” promoted by the Association of Dance Professionals of Madrid (2012-13); and at the Fundación Cultura del Sur de Blanca Li (2011-2013).

@ The New Art Fest 2020


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