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, South Korea

Tahn is noted for his attempts to expand two-dimensional line and color paintings into the third dimension of space. For Tahn, space is not merely an object for structural exploration but rather an area where public and private meanings combine to produce a new meaning. Of particular interest to this artist is the process by which space is converted into media arts.

His works are a reinterpretation of two distinct elements: the ideological Korean landscape inspired by 15th ~18th-century artists and scholar’s depictions of mountain and rocks enveloped in clouds and a poem by the famous scholars.

Tahn ‘s works represent the ‘perspective of time’. His ‘perspective of time’ represent The current changes from some point in the past and a change of state. It refers to various genres of creative work such as plane, stereo, media art, installation art, etc.

He thought the art is a good thing to express life without being constrained by time and space, based on the humanistic thinking and philosophical concepts of the age. Everything comes and goes and goes and disappears. Yesterday and today and tomorrow are fading and flexible and twisted again. Not all organisms are fixed, but they are alive. One fixed can not be fixed.

@ The New Art Fest 2020



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