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Yinglin Zhou

, China

Yinglin Zhou (周莹林, 1994) is an artist from China who currently lives and works in Berlin.

The artist is currently studying at the University of Arts Berlin (MFA). Based on her cross-cultural and regional identity, she attempts to explore the identity of individuals or groups in a cross-cultural context in the context of globalization, the possibility of language as a basic means of communication, and implicit social issues.

Through a lot of research and thinking, she has a very unique view on the cultural attributes of “language”, and her works also reflect on and deconstruct social structure, social system, cultural hegemony, and cultural colony. Her works are full of strong personal temperament, and she uses sensibility to rationally and strictly logically
produce a highly recognizable work.

Today ’s Art Museum ’s academic director, well-known curator and critic “Huang Du” ’s evaluation of the artist is:“ Yinglin Zhou thinks about the identity, boundary, and cultural context from the perspective of linguistics. Her works are very rare in
ideology “.

The artist’s recent exhibitions include the 3rd Xuyuan Young Printmaking Creativity Award, Xuyuan International Printmaking Research Center, Beijing (2016);” Extending · Beyond “Sichuan Art Academy Printmaking Invitational Exhibition, China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen (2018 );
The 13th National Art Exhibition, Experimental Art Exhibition Area, Langfang/Beijing (2019);
Today Art Museum X InArt | “Future Art”, Today Art Museum & InArt, Beijing (2019), winning artist; ” The 2019 iART Youth Art Project, Yuan Art Museum, Chongqing (2019), third prize.


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