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Zael von Mazon

, México

Emmanuel Rodríguez Mazón/ Zael von Mazon (Mexico City,1988) is an interdisciplinary artist graduated from the Escola Massana (UAB, Spain) and from the Faculty of Architecture (UNAM, Mexico), professionalizing his studies at the Old Academy of San Carlos (UNAM) and other institutions.

Beneficiary of the ‘Accompaniment Program 2020’ grant of Piso 16 – Laboratory of Cultural Initiatives (UNAM) under the mentorship of Sofía Olascoaga and co beneficiary of the PECDA CDMX grant during 2017-2018.

Awards and distinctions:

Third Prize for acquisition at the Eleventh Puebla de los Ángeles Biennial (2017 – Puebla, Mx), honorable mention at the XXXVIII National Meeting of Young Art 2018 (Aguascalientes, Mx), honorable mention in the category of ‘Alternative Techniques’ at the 2018 International Image Contest of the FINI Mx (Hidalgo, Mx) and selected in the Second edition of the Santorini Biennial (2014) in Greece. Selected as a participant in the ‘ReVisión Mestiza’ residence of Casa Báanal (Mexico-Chile, 2019) curated by Daniela González Díaz and included in the ‘We are Creators’ catalog (2015), project of Chrysler Mexico.

He has two solo exhibitions and more than 35 collective exhibitions in Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Italy and Greece. He has given lectures at ‘My History of Art’ (node program of the XIII edition of SIT_AC), the Old Academy of San Carlos, the Faculty of Arts and Design (UNAM) and the Institute of Architecture, Design and Art (UACJ).

@ The New Art Fest 2020



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