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Lacy Calligraphie Series,


Lacy Calligraphies series, Calais de renda francesa, tamanho variável

If men represent the power of conquest, a world of borders, this same world, however, in the eyes of women, is more tender and delicate, in which human and nature are full of connection and transformation possibilities.

Hong Wai explores new territory in Chinese ink art, hiding the mysterious and subtle within the undulating landscape.

Through the use of Chinese ink and paper, and images strongly suggesting the feminine world, I question masculine power.

Traditionally, Chinese ink painting was a solely male playing field. The literati Chinese official class decided the theme of the painting: mountains and rivers, or landscapes, which represent their philosophy of harmony between nature and man. Through their art, they aimed to illustrate the splendid images of the imperial country. These landscape masterpieces are imperial China’s official art collection from the Five Dynasties (907 AD) through to modern times.

Instead of representing virtue through the traditional Chinese fashion, I choose to express and illustrate femininity with contemporary, unconventional images. My mountain and river landscapes become interlaced lingerie; the ode to heaven and earth become an ode to sensuous, hidden and inescapable “yin”.

—in Hong Wai, artist: “I bring the contemporary woman in Chinese ink painting”

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