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Fabrizio de Potestad i Fornari

, Valence, Spain

Through actions, video-essays, photographic series, paintings or interventions in the public space, the artistic work of Fabrizio de Potestad i Fornari, is structured under the premise that the creation of a Neohumanism that tries to sensitize the subject is necessary contemporary facing the urgency of undertaking a reinvention of civilization.

After the failure of modernity and the end of all objective truth or global narratives, his work refers to postcolonial and ecofeminist theories as a form of resistance against the binary logic of the patriarchal and capitalist market system. Concepts such as the body, identity and gender; or themes on socioeconomic inequality or climate change are recurring issues in a work that aims to renegotiate the meaning of art and its role within late-capitalist societies. In this way, his work is also connected with the artistic currents that tried to show the ART-LIFE connection and that claimed the anti-artistic, the anti-mercantile or the demystification of the figure of the artist and the reviled “good taste” through the dematerialization of the work of art.

He studied at the BBAA faculty in Valencia, did a Master in Artistic Production and another in Photography, Art and technique and has also been awarded a scholarship by the Federale da Bahía University in Brazil, the Anotati Scholí in Athens and by the Government of Navarra.

His work has been exhibited and applauded in different corners of the planet such as Paris, Santiago de Chile, Glasgow, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Manchester, Leipzig, Edinburgh or Amsterdam to name just a few.


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